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About Enterprise Car Sales

Trading in your car can simplify getting a new one. Enterprise provides an easy trade-in guide.

When you trade in your car, it’s important to know its worth. Fix any issues beforehand. Even without papers, the dealership can still evaluate your vehicle.

Once you’re ready, go to a car dealership. If you finish your online car value check or trade-in form, a salesperson will contact you to set up a meeting.

A Sales Consultant can check out your car and make a trade-in offer at the dealership. Remember, you don’t have to sell or trade in your car if you don’t want to. Enterprise’s special deal of 7 days or 300 miles for trading in will end soon.

You can swap a car with a loan for another. If the remaining loan is more than what Enterprise offers, you have to pay it. When trading in, tell the dealership who holds your loan.

Enterprise has a quick online tool for checking your car’s value. It uses the Kelley Blue Book to estimate what you could get if you traded it in. But, they also suggest getting an inspection at one of their dealerships near your ZIP code for a more precise figure. If there are differences between this and the online check, Enterprise might adjust its offer accordingly. Remember though, when trading-in cars with them, proof of ownership and other documents will be needed to transfer titles over properly – any extra costs beyond their initial quote would have to be covered by yourself.

Wrapping up, swapping your car at Enterprise is a breeze. Just get ready, plan a visit to the dealership, grab an offer in writing and make your choice. Remember to bring all necessary papers and check over your car before you go.

  • Trading in your car at Enterprise is a straightforward process, with an easytofollow guide provided
  • Before trading in, it’s crucial to know the worth of your vehicle and fix any existing issues; even without papers, dealerships can evaluate its value
  • After completing online forms for tradein or valuation checks on their website, you’ll be contacted by a salesperson from Enterprise who will arrange a meeting at one of their dealerships
  • A Sales Consultant will inspect your car and make an offer based on its condition but remember that there’s no obligation to accept this deal if you’re not satisfied with it
  • If you have outstanding loans against the current vehicle being traded in which exceed what Enterprise offers as tradein value then these additional costs must be covered by yourself after informing them about who holds the loan during negotiation stage itself6
  • Enterprise uses Kelley Blue Book values for initial estimates but recommends getting physical inspections done too since they might adjust final quotes accordingly depending upon differences found between both evaluations – also note that proofofownership documents are required when transferring titles over properly while extra charges beyond quoted price would need coverage from customer’s end