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About Enterprise Car Sales

Trade-ins may make buying a new automobile easier. Enterprise offers a step-by-step automobile trade-in process.

When trading in your automobile, be an informed consumer. Know your car’s value. Check and fix your automobile. The dealership can assess your automobile even without these documentation.

After preparing, visit a dealership. A Sales Consultant will call you to book an appointment when you complete your online car appraisal or Enterprise’s trade-in application.

A Sales Consultant will appraise your automobile and write a trade-in offer at the dealership. Note that selling or trading in your automobile is optional. Enterprise’s 7-day or 300-mile trade-in deal expires.

You may trade in an automobile with a loan. If the car payback exceeds Enterprise’s trade-in offer, you’re accountable. Upon trade-in, provide lienholder payment information to the dealership.

Enterprise’s online car assessment takes minutes, whereas the dealership evaluation takes longer to provide a transparent and accurate value. Car valuation is free. The online evaluation tool estimates the Kelley Blue Book trade-in value. A vehicle check at an Enterprise dealership near the ZIP code will determine the trade-in value. Enterprise may change your car’s value if the inspection differs from the online evaluation or description. The consumer must submit evidence of ownership/registration and other papers to transfer the title and pay any amount beyond Enterprise’s offer.

In conclusion, trading in your automobile with Enterprise is easy: prepare, schedule a dealership visit, obtain a written trade-in offer, and decide. Bring all relevant documentation and information to the dealership and inspect and fix your automobile beforehand.

  • Know your car’s value
  • Check and fix your automobile
  • Visit a dealership
  • Obtain a written tradein offer
  • Bring relevant documentation and information to the dealership
  • Inspect and fix your automobile beforehand