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About Berge Auto Group

Brent C. Berge, the boss of Berge Auto Group, has been in the car business for a long time. His dad, “Shorty” Berge started it all! Brent went to University of Arizona and studied Business before starting work at Smiley/Berge Ford as a salesman in 1962. He did really well there and became truck manager just three years later.

In 1972, Brent started his first car dealership and added more over time. He combined a Mazda store with Volkswagen in 1976 and opened others like Bell Ford, Fiesta Lincoln-Mercury, and Bell Lexus. Even as he keeps an eye on all of them today, Brent is still easy to talk to for anyone who meets him.

The Berge family has a long history with cars. It all started in 1942 when Brent’s dad became part of Madison Motors, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Later on, he opened his own place called Smiley/Berge Ford in 1951 which later changed to Berge Ford under the control of Brent’s brother. The Berges are known for being honest and successful business people.

  • Brent C
  • Berge, the head of Berge Auto Group, has been involved in the car industry for many years and started his career as a salesman at Smiley/Berge Ford in 1962
  • He studied Business at University of Arizona before joining his father’s business
  • After proving himself successful as a truck manager within three years, he opened up his first dealership in 1972
  • Over time, Brent expanded by combining different brands like Mazda with Volkswagen and opening other dealerships such as Bell Ford or Fiesta LincolnMercury
  • 5
  • The family’s involvement with cars began back when Shorty” Berge joined Madison Motors located Phoenix Arizona around19426
  • Brent is known to be approachable despite overseeing multiple businesses while maintaining their reputation for honesty and success that was established since “Shorty” Berges’ era