Sell Us Your Car

Hey, if you’re in Arizona and looking to ditch your old ride for some quick cash, Sell Us Your Car is where it’s at. They buy over 200 junk cars weekly and with more than 15 years under their belt, they promise fair deals, great prices, and a hassle-free experience. Cash in on that clunker now!

Gilbert Cars for Cash

Looking to turn that old car into cash? We Buy Cars for Cash in Gilbert has got you covered. With a team of pros, they make the process super easy and clear-cut, offering top dollar and stellar customer service so you know you’re getting a great deal.

King of Clunkers

For 15 years, King of Clunkers has been the go-to spot in Arizona for selling junk cars. They offer quick cash, pick up your car the same day, and their customer service is top-notch. You can get an instant quote and set up a pickup time that works for you.

Elohim Auto Sales

Looking for a sweet ride without the hassle? Swing by our place. We’ve got savvy sales folks and financing options to match you with an awesome used car that fits your budget like a glove. Our goal? To go above and beyond, becoming your go-to for all things cars.


CarMax is changing the game in car sales, making it easy to buy cars with their Love Your Vehicle Promise. They’re all about great service, honesty, and helping out communities while valuing everyone’s input and fostering a diverse culture of innovation.

Enterprise Car Sales

Swapping your car with Enterprise is a breeze. Just prep, set up a visit to the dealership, snag an offer in writing and then make your choice. Remember to bring all necessary paperwork and give your ride a quick check-up or fix before heading out. You can even get an idea of what it’s worth for free online or at any nearby dealership.

AutoNation Chevrolet Gilbert

AutoNation Chevy Gilbert, the top pick in Gilbert, Chandler, and Phoenix for new and used cars offers easy financing and a no-haggle pricing program. They’re great at servicing vehicles too! Plus, they buy any car and support cancer research charities.

Bill Luke Santan

Looking for a used car? Bill Luke Santan in Gilbert has got you covered with warranties, financing options, and top-notch service. Swing by or give them a ring to snag the ideal ride that fits your budget and needs.

Horne Kia

Looking for the perfect Kia? Check out Horne Kia’s website. It’s a breeze to use, and you’ll find both new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs. They’ve got deals and financing too! If you’re in Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler or Queen Creek – they’re your go-to spot. Why not take your dream car for a spin today?

Falcon Automotive Group

Falcon Automotive Group makes buying a car super easy and clear-cut, with no hidden fees on used cars that are good to go. They even have simple online financing, including options for less-than-perfect credit. With helpful sales folks ready to assist, picking Falcon means smooth sailing through your car purchase journey.


AutoSavvy’s making waves as a top car seller, focusing on branded title rides that are kinder to your wallet and the planet. They’ve got more than 20 spots in 11 states where you can snag great cars without breaking the bank, plus an online showroom for hassle-free shopping. And guess what? They’ve landed on the Inc. 5000 list three times already! AutoSavvy is fast turning into everyone’s go-to for autos.

Earnhardt Auto Centers

Earnhardt Auto Centers rolls out the red carpet with their straight-up VIP service. They’ve got awesome folks, top-notch rides, and prices that won’t make you wince. You’ll feel like part of the family – think free shuttle rides and pro advice. Swing by any of their 17 spots in Arizona to see what sets them apart.

Hudsons Autos

Hudsons Autos LLC in Gilbert, AZ, is your go-to spot for great used cars. They’re all about quality and top-notch service to make sure you get a fantastic deal without any hassle. Swing by for an awesome car-buying journey with their friendly team!

Silo Auto Sales

Silo Auto Sales in Gilbert, AZ is your go-to for finding and keeping the ideal car. They’ve got a team ready to score you great finance deals and ensure your ride stays top-notch. Swing by for standout cars and service that rocks!

Berge Auto Group

Brent C. Berge, the big boss of Berge Auto Group, knows cars like the back of his hand. Kicking off as a salesman way back in 1962, he climbed up that ladder and popped open his own dealership by ’72. He’s grown it heaps since then but still keeps things friendly and down-to-earth. The car biz runs deep in his family—started by his dad in ’42—and they’re known for being straight shooters who do well for themselves.

Gilbert Junk Car Buyers

Turning Old, Unwanted Vehicles Into Cash

Junk cars aren’t just old or busted vehicles left to rot. They include any rusty, forgotten ride like minivans, SUVs, and trucks hogging precious space. Their real worth? The parts you can recycle and the scrap metal they’re made of.

Wondering if your car is in fact a junk car? Look for any of these signs:

  1. Almost ten years old and has some mechanical problems.
  2. Fixing the car costs more than it’s worth after a crash.
  3. Car’s been totally left out.
  4. It’s got some unique, scarce parts.

Signs your car’s turning into a total clunker:

  • Car’s body or bottom getting rusty.
  • Cracked lights, mirrors, windows fix.
  • Water system busted, dashboard cracked, seats got ripped.
  • No wheels, totally flat.
  • Car’s not starting or running right.
  • Vanished gearbox or emission cleaner

Looking to ditch your old car in Gilbert and put the money towards a new one? Check out the businesses listed above or dive into one of these other options for disposing of a junker:

  1. Junkyards buy cars, trucks, and SUVs for parts or scrap metal. It’s a fast way to sell your ride and get decent cash in return.
  2. Charities take old cars, selling or using them to fund their work.
  3. Recycling spots handle tossing and selling back car parts right.
  4. If your car’s a no-go, hit up a junk car removal service. They’ll grab it and ditch it the right way.
  5. Getting the lowdown on ditching old minivans, SUVs, cars, and trucks can save you a bundle and boost your bank account.

How to Get Cash for Your Old, Unwanted Vehicle

Looking to make some cash? You can sell your old car, work truck, SUV, pickup or minivan. Learn how a Gilbert junk car buyer could pay you for it and find out the top ways to ditch that clunker.

Gilbert Junk Car Removal Services

Junk car removal experts buy beat-up or unwanted cars, often towing them for free and paying cash on the spot. It’s a win-win: you clear space and get paid right away!

  • Complimentary towing: Usually, they tow your car to the junkyard or dealer for free.
  • Instant cash: Get cash fast when you sell your car.
  • Stress-free process: Sell your car easily without haggling or ads, totally stress-free.

To find reliable junk car removal businesses, search online using phrases like “scrap car removal,” “junk car buyers near me,” “cash for clunkers near me,” or “buy junk cars near me.” Hit up pals and family, check out reviews, and look into the company’s rep.

Selling Your Junk SUV, Car, Pickup, Minivan, or Work Truck in Gilbert

Wanna sell your old car? Try local shops that buy cars for scrap or parts. Or, you could list it on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace to find a buyer yourself.

When selling your car, be honest about its shape and any problems. You’ll likely haggle with buyers and might take a lower price.

How Much Cash Can I Get for My Junker?

Selling a junk car, whether it’s an old pickup truck or a well-used SUV, might seem like pulling teeth at first. But hey, there are tricks to smooth out the bumps in the road. The worth of your ride hinges on its age, shape, brand and model – yep even if it’s had a bit of a ding-up. To get a ballpark figure without breaking into too much sweat? Check online appraisal tools or ring up junk car removal services; they’ve got you covered for making that estimate.

You might wonder if you can sell a car without the title or registration. Yep, it’s doable, but you’ll need to show some proof that it’s yours. Make sure to clear out all your personal stuff before handing over the keys. Looking to get rid of an old clunker? A quick internet search for phrases like “cash for junk cars near me” should point you in the right direction towards local buyers eager to take it off your hands. Don’t forget about checking classified ads or hitting up friends and family for leads too!

Figuring out how much a junk car is worth can be kind of like solving a puzzle. You’ve got to look at things like how old it is, what shape it’s in, and even the type of car we’re talking about. Plus, whether there are folks out there wanting parts or scrap metal from that make and model plays a big role too. Luckily, you don’t have to guess all on your own; online tools and services that haul away junk cars can give you an estimate. Prices might just surprise you – ranging from maybe enough for dinner and movie if it’s really banged up, right up to paying off some hefty bills if the car still has some life left in its parts!

Getting rid of a junk car? Well, it varies by state and who’s buying. Sometimes you just need a bill of sale or registration to prove it’s yours. Don’t forget to clear out your stuff and give it a good clean before selling. And hey, make sure you cancel its registration and insurance so there are no future headaches!

Selling a junk car? It boils down to what suits you best. Some folks go for the ease and fast cash of removal services, while others take the reins themselves, aiming for more money in their pocket.

Wrapping it up, getting rid of an old clunker is simpler with a trusted junk car removal service or by selling it on your own. The cash you’ll get depends on different things, and yeah, showing you’re the owner might be needed. Just make sure to do your homework and follow through properly to keep everything above board.

Junk Car Selling FAQs

Ever tried to sell an old beater, like a car or SUV that’s seen better days? It might seem tough at first. But guess what? With some solid info and a bit of digging around, it can actually turn out pretty straightforward and even bring in some cash. We’re diving into the common questions about offloading these clunkers today, aiming to clear up any confusion so you can make smart choices.

What is the best way to sell my junk car?

Looking to get rid of an old clunker? Well, how you go about it really boils down to what works best for you. For a quick and hassle-free experience, consider going with a junk car removal service. They make things super easy by coming right to your doorstep, checking out the condition of your ride, and then offering you cash on the spot if they’re interested. It’s pretty much ideal for anyone wanting to wave goodbye to their vehicle fast without getting into the nitty-gritty of selling it themselves.

Thinking about selling your car? You could do it on your own. Sure, it might pocket you a bit more cash, but brace yourself—it’s going to take some elbow grease. From putting up ads and meeting with interested folks to haggling over the price and handling all that paperwork for ownership transfer, this route is best suited for those who aren’t in a rush and don’t mind the extra steps involved.

How do I determine the value of my junk car?

Ever wondered how much your old clunker is worth? Well, it’s not just about how old or banged up it is. The make, model, and even the demand for its parts play a big role in setting that price tag. You might have tried those online calculators to get an idea of what you could pocket. But remember, they’re giving you ballpark figures – real-world prices can swing based on things like which car parts are in hot demand or how scrap metal prices are doing at the moment.

You could also think about using a junk car removal service. They usually check out your car for free and then give you an offer based on what they find. It’s pretty handy if you’re looking to quickly figure out how much your old ride is worth without any fuss.

What’s my junk automobile worth?

Ever wondered how much your old clunker might be worth? Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. If you’ve got a car in decent shape, you could pocket a couple thousand bucks. But if it’s more of an accident-on-wheels situation – think banged-up trucks or vans – expect just a few hundred dollars at best. Basically, the less beat up it is, the more cash you’re likely to see.

Sell my junk automobile without a title?

Trying to sell a junk car but can’t find the title? Yeah, that can be a bit of a headache. You see, proving you own it is key since most places want to see the title when passing on ownership. But don’t lose hope just yet! Some states are cool with using something like a bill of sale or even your registration as proof instead. Just make sure to double-check what’s okay in your state and what the buyer needs before diving into selling your old ride without its title.

How do I sell my junk car?

Getting ready to sell your junk car? Start by clearing out all your stuff, like papers and personal things you’ve added. Don’t forget the mods! Then give it a good scrub inside and out. A clean ride catches eyes and could even bump up its price tag for those interested in buying it.

Once your car is spick and span and you’re ready to sell, it’s time to spread the word. You’ve got a bunch of options like online classifieds, hitting up social media or even going old school with local newspapers. Don’t forget to share all the nitty-gritty details about your ride – think make, model, year, and what shape it’s in. And yes, snapping some clear pictures really helps paint the picture for potential buyers.

If potential buyers hit you up with questions, get ready to chat about your vehicle’s past, its current state, and any tweaks or fixes it’s had. Always keep it real about the car’s condition to dodge future hassles or disagreements.

When you’re haggling over the price with a buyer, keep it real about what your car’s worth. Check out online tools and do some digging to figure out a fair price. Be open to bargaining but don’t let go of your ride for peanuts.

Alright, let’s say you’ve shaken hands on a deal with the buyer. Next up? You gotta make it official by transferring ownership. This usually means signing off on the title and whipping up a bill of sale. No title in hand? Don’t sweat it; other paperwork like registration or an old bill of sale can also do the trick to show you’re legit. Just remember, each state has its own playbook for these things, so give those rules a quick look-see to stay in line.

Once you’ve sold your car, make sure to cancel its registration and insurance. This step keeps you off the hook for any mishaps that might happen with the car later on.

Notable Takeaways About Car Selling

Selling a junk car doesn’t have to be tough. You’ve got options like using a removal service or doing it yourself. First things first, figure out what your car’s worth and get it ready for sale. Always keep it real about the condition of your ride and don’t shy away from haggling over the price with interested folks. Put in some elbow grease and homework, and you’ll see that turning that old bucket of bolts into cash is totally doable.

About Gilbert, AZ… AKA Kindness USA

Gilbert, nestled in Maricopa County, started as a farming town back in the late 1800s. Now it’s transformed into a lively suburb and holds the title of Arizona’s quickest-growing city with more than 250,000 folks calling it home.

Gilbert is a mix of White, Hispanic, Asian, and African American folks. With an average household income hitting $94,945—way above the U.S. norm—and its streets safer than most places thanks to strong community vibes and focus on safety.

Gilbert’s schools are top-notch, with the public district snagging lots of awards. Plus, there are great charter and private options around town. Thanks to awesome teachers and tough courses, kids here really shine academically.

Gilbert really knows how to keep things interesting with its rich cultural scene. You’ve got the Gilbert History Museum capturing hearts, while the Hale Centre Theatre lights up with plays and musicals all year long. Don’t forget about those Saturday night art walks downtown that draw crowds from everywhere, making this town a buzzing place full of life and intrigue.

Gilbert’s packed with eateries, ranging from fancy spots to laid-back joints. You’ve got Joe’s Farm Grill dishing out farm-fresh burgers and fries, plus Postino East where you can sip wine and munch on small plates or charcuterie.

Gilbert’s economy is on fire, thanks to its entrepreneurial vibe. Big names like GoDaddy and Deloitte have set up shop here, alongside loads of small businesses. This business-friendly town attracts entrepreneurs from all over the country, promising even more growth ahead.

Wrapping it up, Gilbert in Arizona is quite the gem of a town. It’s thriving and packed with good vibes for living well. From its interesting past to a mix of people from everywhere, top-notch schools, safe streets, and lively culture – there’s something here for everyone. This place has come a long way from its farming roots to become an energetic suburb that keeps on growing strong thanks to its solid economy and booming businesses.